Consulting Services for Employee Representatives

To protect their colleagues’ jobs, employee representatives must continually deal with company management strategies, concepts and measures for increased profitability and crisis management.

wmp consult – Wilke Maack GmbH assist employee representatives in safeguarding the future of the company by providing experienced and competent advice, carrying out analyses, and by developing concepts.

In doing this, our top priorities are always jobs creation and preservation.

What we do:

  • We conduct plausibility checks, and evaluate the profitability and sustainability of strategies, concepts and measures introduced by management.
  • We develop alternative strategies, policies and measures to preserve and safeguard jobs, for example when companies are in the process of conducting a socially responsible restructuring project.
  • We act as moderators and advisors during negotiations regarding the development and implementation of policies, with the participation of all parties involved.
  • We assist in implementing negotiation outcomes and policies.
  • We audit and conduct performance reviews of the measures agreed upon.
  • We advise employee representatives in negotiations concerning reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans.