Publications 2018

Voss, Eckhard; Schöneberg, Katharina; Bridgford, Jeff; Riso, Sara (2018): Adaptation of national apprenticeship systems to advanced manufacturing. wmp, supported by international partners, has analysed the adaptation of dual vocational training occupations in industry in the light of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation in five European countries (Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy) and two non-European countries (USA, Australia).
Eckhard Voss; Hannah Riede: Digitalisation and Workers Participation: What trade unions, company level workers representatives and online platform workers in Europe think. Report to the ETUC, Brussels, September 2018. Since the beginning of 2017, wmp consult has supported the European Trade Union Confederation in its project "Workers Participation - A Key to Fair Digitization". A key component of the project was on an online survey of ETUC member organizations, company employee representatives and employees working in the platform and app economy. Around 1,600 participants from more than 30 European countries took part in the survey.
Voss, Eckhard; Broughton, Andrea; Pulignano, Valeria; Rodriguez Contreras, Ricardo; Franca, Valentina (2018): The study looks at the articulation and the complex multi-level links between European and national levels of social dialogue. It examines the factors that facilitate as well as those that hinder the successful engagement of national social partners and their ability to promote their own interests effectively.
Judith Beile, Katrin Vitols (Juni 2018): NACHHALTIGKEITSKOMPASS. Ein Wegweiser für Arbeitnehmervertreter / innen in Aufsichtsräten. Der Nachhaltigkeits-Kompass versteht sich als Navigationsinstrument für Mitarbeitervertretungen beim Thema Nachhaltigkeit im Unternehmen. Langfristig, so der Grundgedanke, wird eine nachhaltige Unternehmensführung zum Erfolg des Unternehmens führen und gleichzeitig positive Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft haben.
Maria Helena André, Director Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV): ACTRAV’s guidance document to the MNE Declaration is designed to help workers and unions to advocate for the implementation and utilisation of the policies and principles contained within the MNE Declaration. I would like to thank in particular Felix Hadwiger who wrote this Guide, Esther Busser who coordinated the input of national and global trade unions, Githa Roelans and the MULTI team as well as Anna Biondi and the ACTRAV colleagues, in particular Tandiwe Gross, who provided substantial inputs and advice.