We offer customized seminars and further education programs for works councils.
Our seminars aim at improving the qualifications of employee representatives. Our topics depend on each company’s specific needs.

All instructors have many years of experience as team leaders and lecturers, as well as hands-on experience in advising works councils, financial advisory committees and employee representatives on company supervisory boards.

We offer in-house training programs and provide lecturers upon request for companies and educational institutions.

Examples of seminar topics

  • Principles of company finance for works councils and financial economic committees – Financial statement and balance sheet analysis
  • Demographic change – challenges and possible strategies
  • Excel workshops, e.g. balance sheet and financial statement analyses
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for works councils – situation evaluation and possible Actions
  • Non-financial reporting – Audit requirements and background for employee representatives on the Supervisory Board
  • Work Life Balance – situation appraisal and possible actions
  • Financial employee participation – basic principles and possible applications
  • Organisation of working time and shift systems
  • Occupational health management
  • Strategic human resources planning
  • Team development processes


Teambildung-für-Betriebs-und-Personalräte   Strategische-Personalplanung   Reorganisation-und-Changemanagement  Gestaltung-des-demografischen-Wandels      Arbeits-und-Gesundheitsschutz