International Studies

Never before have European and global developments had such a strong impact on economic, political and labor market policies. Europeanization and globalization play an integral role in day-to-day politics and business activities. These developments require competency development, knowledge building, cross-border networking and cooperation.

For over ten years, we have assisted businesses and social partner organizations with expertise and moderation services as they transition from national to European entities. We have offered support in setting up and improving cross-border cooperation, in developing multicultural competencies and in acquiring know-how.

In addition, we cooperate with, and are experts for European institutions (EU Commission, Economic and Social Council, the EU Parliament), the federation of labor unions, as well as common institutions of social partners; in particular concerning issues of employment, social policy, and industrial relations.

Today, we can rely on a network of long-standing partners in many European countries. In view of the challenges posed by globalization, our network has grown continually over the past few years and is no longer restricted to Europe.