Global Framework Agreements and human rights due diligence in global supply chains

Voss, Eckhard/Jan-Ole Nielsson/Thure Bodendiek (2019): VERANTWORTUNG IN LIEFER- UND WERTSCHÖPFUNGSKETTEN: Globale Rahmenvereinbarungen als Instrument einer gewerkschaftlichen Mitgestaltung menschenrechtlicher Sorgfaltspflicht. Studie im Auftrag der Stiftung Arbeit und Umwelt der IG BCE, November 2019.

Our economy is characterized by global production and supply chains. According to the UN Trade Organization, 80 percent of global trade now takes place in global supply chains. Given the many examples of inhumane working conditions in industries such as textiles or raw materials extraction, there is a growing call for more binding regulation of corporate human rights due diligence within the supply chain. Such an obligation does not yet exist or only exists in the form of voluntary initiatives or guidelines for action.

Global Framework Agreements in multinational companies concluded with global trade union federations are somewhat more far-reaching. On behalf of the IG BCE Foundation for Work and Environment, wmp has carried out an analysis of 30 such framework agreements, focusing on the role played by works councils and trade unions in shaping human rights due diligence.

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