Voss, Eckhard/Jan-Ole Nielsson/Thure Bodendiek (2019): VERANTWORTUNG IN LIEFER- UND WERTSCHÖPFUNGSKETTEN: Globale Rahmenvereinbarungen als Instrument einer gewerkschaftlichen Mitgestaltung menschenrechtlicher Sorgfaltspflicht. Studie im Auftrag der Stiftung Arbeit und Umwelt der IG BCE, November 2019. Our economy is characterized by global production and supply chains. According to the UN Trade Organization, 80 percent of global trade now takes place in global supply chains.
Voss, Eckhard / Rego, Raquel (2019): Digitalisation and Public Services: A labour perspective. Report prepared for Public Services International Trade Union and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. September 2019. wmp in cooperation with the University of Lisbon has conducted a review report on digitalisation and public services.
Baldauf, Sabine/Vitols, Katrin(2019): SECTOR STUDY: MEDICAL REHABILITATION ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES, WORK AND EMPLOYMENT IN MEDICAL REHABILITATION FACILITIES Against the background of demographic change and a society characterised by increasing pressure to perform, services provided by rehabilitation facilities are becoming increasingly important.